We have been introducing BIM into our practice recently and are excited to be starting to document our buildings with BIM enabled software. Our primary CAD application is one of the main BIM applications geared for architects in Australia.

By using real-time, dynamic building modeling software working in 3D, 4D (workflow) and, increasingly, 5D (quantity surveying) we are able to increase productivity and efficiency, save costs in the design and construction stages, and reduce running costs after construction.

The integration of BIM into our practice has enabled us the ability to share data-rich models across disciplines that enables the design, construction and management of buildings to be streamlined and seamless in transferring our designs.

Our in-house ‘BIM team’ is actively developing our CAD systems in BIM and holding in-house BIM seminars to ensure that we make the most of this exciting technology.

We view BIM as a tool that adds to our established skill set by integrating sketches, physical models, and other output, which are quickly realized in BIM’s digital realm where they can then be made intelligent for the end-user to monitor the running costs and enable efficient buildings.

10 July 2014