Mixed-use development approved under delegated authority - Wolli Creek

Our most recently approved Wolli Creek development is a seven storey mixed-use development consisting of retail/commercial, 60 residential units and 84 car spaces.

The majority of the apartments have their living areas and private outdoor space orientated towards the north to maximise solar access. Cross ventilation is ensured by the linear building arrangement and limits the degree of artificial cooling required in summer, achieved through the open plan layouts and innovative passive solutions.

The emphasis on landscaping for the development is a valued key design element with roof top communal areas, common open spaces at the ground levels and large terraces and balconies for the apartments.

In view to the future outlook for the Wolli Creek area and in particular to the site being located in a mixed use precinct within the town centre of Wolli Creek, the mix of different housing types as well as the proposed density cater appropriately for the varying demographics of the neighbourhood.

The increased density afforded by the development will serve to attract more people to the area and increase patronage of the local retail, restaurant and commercial facilities.

Our Wolli Creek project is one of several successfully submitted projects to Rockdale Council.

4 June 2014