BKA architecture director John Baker, has been nominated to run for AIA NSW Councillor

Director and co founder of BKA architecture, John Baker is running for NSW Councillor with the Australian Institute of Architects.  Below is Johns statement for the AIA;

Dear Members, 

I see the overall tasks of the Institute are to upgrade the public appreciation of architects at all levels and provide members with the skills and knowledge to support design and professional expectations. 

These two essential strategies will significantly lead to a more stable work environment and increased fees and salaries to the profession as well as contributing to extinguishing the low fee competition which persists today. 

Further details about my background and career can be found in my LinkedIn profile and at www.bka.com.au. Your support would be most welcome. 

Kind regards, 
John Baker 

"My aims would be to maintain the 'Mission, vision, and value' agendas, but aim to do it 'better and more.' 

The Institute should continue to strive to: 

1. Reward, discuss and promote good design 
2. Be the voice of architecture to the public, government and Industry 
3. Provide meaningful professional development to its members 

I have no particular sectional interest, but offer a dedicated commitment to all aspects of architecture, I bring to the table, the benefit of substantial 'all round' experience. 

Over the last 45 years I have gained the knowledge of running my own medium sized practice - BKA Architecture , working in both large and small design studios, teaching at University (NSW and UTS), being an examiner with the Board of Architects (35 years), and travelling and working overseas. 

Previously, I have been elected to Chapter Council and served on the housing, environment and house committees. 

I now once again, feel I am in a position to give something to the Institute. Whilst I can bring experience, I also possess an attitude, which is innovative and questioning - necessary for a developing global profession."

If you want to know more about me, or my ideas for the NSW Chapter you can find this information on my website & LinkedIn

We wish john luck with his nomination!


19 January 2015