BKA Interior and Graphic Design

BKA has enlarged the Interior Design Department to three people to provide more comprehensive and efficient services in the Education, Residential and other areas. 

BKA Interiors is taking greater involvement in residential development projects – fully detailing bathrooms, kitchens and entry lobbies for the marketing stage. This scope has been extended to also include the design of Display Suites.

BKA has also recently formed Graphic Design Department providing services that include marketing material such as brochures as well as managing BKA’s website and online presence. Furthermore, BKA is now able to offer way-finding graphics and environmental graphic design services.

BKA is continually moving forward, strengthening architecture related departments such as Interior Design and Graphic Design. It is an important element in BKA’s designs. Our designers are integrated in to our project teams from the very beginning to ensure the brief is fully met and quality is delivered. 

8 October 2015