Asquith Jaan Apartments - Collaboration with Paramount Property Group

BKA Architecture enjoy working with creative clients. ‘Jaan’ apartments in Asquith is our latest collaboration with the Paramount Property Group. The development consists of 34 units, 37 car spaces across 5 levels and feature a working communal herb garden roof terrace. 

Paramount had successfully negotiated with the original owners of the site that they were the right developers for their sites. The owners had been approached by numerous developers prior to Paramount convincing them of their green credentials. Change was inevitable in the precinct following the upscaling of densities for the area.  The owners had lived on the site for over 20 years and saw it essential they left a positive and ecologically sustainable legacy to their treasured sites. Paramount engaged BKA architecture to design the project having worked together numerous times over the last 15 years. Their brief had two main objectives: to design the apartments using as much recycled components as possible as well as including numerous green initiatives, and to get an architectural solution to look very different to the typical multi unit residential unit block as prescribed in the Hornsby DCP. 

BKA embraced Paramount’s commitment to using recycled materials, designing a green building that celebrated each recycled element. 

The form is a series of horizontal floating planes with a strong street presence. Recycled hardwood screens work together with recycled brickwork and off form concrete to create a low maintenance external skin in contrast to the warm inner realm.  The rooftop communal herb garden seeks to encourage social interaction. It caters for small groups meeting socially, the keen gardener or an individual seeking a quiet sunlit reading or meditation space.

BKA architecture have completed the construction documentation and marketing phases.  The Paramount Property Group is getting ready for construction. Jaan Aparments is due to start in the next two months. 

1 August 2016